Kenners LandLust Organic Hotel & Guesthouse
Enjoy the Touch of Hands and Nature in our
Spa Parlour "Die Gute Stube"

All the facilities offered in our Spa Parlour "Die Gute Stube" have only your well being in mind. A massage couch and a peaceful atmosphere await you in a small and cosy room. Experienced therapists pamper you with a variety of relaxation techniques.
Please get in touch with us to book an appointment.

Individual Full-Body Relaxation Therapy
A solid hour's pampering and relaxation helps you to forget about your everyday stress and worries. Entrust yourself to the capable hands of one of our therapists and enjoy the individual full-body relaxation, a balm for body and soul. The rural peaceful surroundings help you find a deep relaxation. While being massaged and relaxed from head to toe, blocked energy is released to flow more freely. We will gladly recommend one of our four therapists whom we regard as best suited for your particular needs.
60 minutes, 55 euros.

Introductory Back Massage
Just want to give it a try and do something good for your back? Enjoy half an hour's relaxation from your daily routine.
30 minutes, 30 euros

Sound Bowl Massages

Since 80% of the human body consists of water, it is this element that conducts sounds into every cell of our body. The sound bowl massage technique is based on this knowledge. No need to undress for this therapy. Beautiful brass-coloured round bowls are distributed on the body and gently struck. Just like concentric waves spreading across the water of a pond after one has thrown a stone into it, the vibrations are transferred to the body. Soothing harmonious sounds and the softly vibrating bowls will lead you into a deep relaxation.
Let go of the stress, worries and insecurities of everyday life in order to give your body a harmonious realignment and a stimulation of your own self-healing forces. Experience the growth of an inner stillness, a positive experience on your path to your true self.
60 minutes, 55 euros.

Nutrition Consultation
You might like to profit from our experience with wholesome food for your own everyday life. We willingly share with you the fun and pleasures of healthy and tasteful food. We do not recommend strict rules. In an individual consultation we find out the best steps for you at the moment with the goal of a healthy and balanced wholesome diet in mind.
Individual consultation by appointment: 60 minutes, 50 euros

Shiatsu Pressure Point Massage
During a Shiatsu pressure point massage specific acupuncture meridians of your body are gently touched, thus releasing blockades and enabling energy to flow. Our staff are trained GSD therapists (Association for Shiatsu in Germany).
60 minutes, 55 euros

Foot Reflex Zone Massage
All the parts and organs of the body have reflex points at the bottom of our feet and so we are able to reach the whole body through the feet. Soft pressure on the corresponding areas activates the self-healing forces of the body and leads to deep relaxation.
30 minutes, 30 euros

Individual Shamanic Session
Our senses such as those we can experience physically with our skin, hands, eyes and ears as well as the spiritual ones are important in the practise of Dagmar Hagel. Two levels of development meet in her work: the emotional and the spiritual. She is also a producer of puppets on strings and shamanic shields. Her particular interest lies in a connection between our European spiritual roots and the teachings and customs of North American Indians.
The individual shamanic sessions will bring you in touch/into unison with the elements of earth, water, air and fire. You can gain strength, relax and work on conditions that are present now in your life.
60 minutes, 55 euros

Releasing is a technique with gentle touches and conversations that allows you to deal gently with your present problems and topics. With the help of Dagmar Hagel you can take time to concentrate on yourself.
60 minutes, 55 euros (extension possible)

Sauna and Swimming Pool
Use of sauna and swimming pool in the neighbouring house.
Sauna, use of swimming pool: 5 euros per day (pp) for the duration of your stay or 25 euros per week (pp).
For families of up to four people: 70 euros per week