Kenners LandLust Organic Hotel & Guesthouse
The Origin of our Ecological Thoughts and Actions

Some of the roots of the overall German ecological movement are located in the Wendland region. This is because of the nuclear-power station at Gorleben and the protests against nuclear power in general.
We are very fortunate to have many organic farmers around us who provide us with their products. We are also able to able to buy 100% of our meat and sausage needs locally.

Buying organic is not enough any more; we strive to combine our organic purchases with fairness in trade. For us, fair trade for products from the Third World is understood, but we also want to pay fair prices to our regional organic producers. This comes at a time when "organic" has become a very strong trend, and good organic products have become scarce. It is sad that there is a trend of some dubious people and firms jumping on the "organic" bandwagon and large supermarket chains buying out smaller enterprises. We have no hesitation to pay higher prices so that the structures of our regional organic agriculture remain intact. Regional fair trade maintains openness, accountability and trust, for only in that way can we be sure of the origin of our products and can guarantee them for our guests. The German organic seal (BIO-Siegel) and the new European Union organic seal (EU-BIO-Siegel) are no longer sufficient.

Just like us, Henriette Kulow and Annette Quis are regional ecological pioneers. We have known each other since the 1980's when we began doing organic agriculture together. In the meantime they are repsonsible for the Bio im Wendland company (, which has the goal of marketing regional organic products. We place our order with them on Mondays and they deliver short haul fresh organic produce on Thursdays. We discuss with them the products that suit our house best and also have direct contact with the producers. As a result we know where the animals grow up and how their owners care for them.

A further example of cooperation is the Demeter farm ( which is only four kilometres away. Here cheese, curd, vegetables, meat and sausages are produced, and we can purchase provisions at very short notice if we run out. We truly appreciate this wonderful support. If you are interested, you are welcome to visit the farm to look at the pigs and caress the little calf. Towards the end of your holiday you might like to stock up on your provisions for home.

Approximately eight kilometres in the opposite direction is the whole-grain bakery, which delivers the fresh rolls to us every day. We recommend a visit to this shop either for a croissant and an espresso during your stay or to purchase some goodies before you leave for home.

It is only a year since the opening of the Himmelhoch Farm Café (www.café situated only twelve kilometres from our house. A visit there is, in actual fact, a must because the most delicious homemade organic cakes and fantastic ice creams await you. By the way, this is where we get the ice cream for our desserts.

We are glad that we can obtain most of the organic produce and products locally. We endeavour to support a local economy that is well-structured and has strong regional roots. No doubt you will understand that fair prices have to be paid for these products. Just ask us if you have any questions. Meanwhile there exist some very large organic enterprises offering their products to organic food wholesalers. We refrain from purchasing such goods even if they are considerably cheaper because we regard the regional roots as more important. In addition we want to be sure of the origin of the products that we use in our kitchen. Of course we are forced, now and again, to buy seasonal products from other regions of the country and abroad. However, we try to keep the percentage of the locally produced goods as high as possible. In a diploma project someone assessed that at the moment we purchase 60% of our food within a distance of forty kilometres. This result was a very positive surprise to us.

It is important when planning our purchases to look for certified products such as "Bioland" or "Demeter". The European Union is about to ease the restrictions for organic products. As a result genetic engineering will be tolerated, in some respects, and additives that have been prohibited for the past 20 years can now be put into sausage. If you are interested in obtaining further information, you might like to have a look at the following website: