Kenners LandLust Organic Hotel & Guesthouse

Description of our House

May we invite you to some relaxation and outdoor activities? During the daytime you might decide for a stroll through the forests, a bike trip to the river Elbe or for a visit to a museum. In the evening you will certainly enjoy the delicious food from our buffet, perhaps followed by a relaxing therapy at our spa or sitting around an open fire on the meadow behind the house.

The Kenner roots are based in northern Germany. We, along with our daughter Luise, have been operating Kenners Landlust organic hotel and guesthouse since the autumn of 2000. We have been active for a long time in the ecological field: on an organic farm with its own shop, in the "Biofutteria", an organic party service and an ecologically oriented conference and seminar centre.
We both grew up in this region before leaving for city life. We returned in order to go back to our roots and also develop new roots.

At Home in the Freedom of Nature. "Kenners LandLust" – a place to experience all your senses in a home away from home. Our tiny village on the outskirts of the enormous, beautiful and untouched Göhrde forest region is very close to nature. In spring we are sometimes visited by cranes performing their courtship display. In autumn belling deer come right up to our doorstep. Only eight kilometres away is the Elbe, one of the largest German rivers, meandering through a wide and for the most part untouched riverbed. The wetlands have in the meantime been designated as a biosphere reserve (Elbtalaue). This biosphere reserve is surrounded by the Elbufer-Drawehn nature park. There is no part of our county that has not received special mention because NATURE is what we have a lot of.

Organic Building and Organic Seal. In January 2005 we became the first organic hotel in northern Germany. Our food carries the organic seal (Biosiegel), i.e. it is 100% organically grown, organically produced or collected in the wild. Twice a year the control board pays us a visit to ensure that what we have labelled as organic is indeed organic through and through. Our house has not yet been declared an organic building but it is our endeavour to do the best we can in this respect. We use breathing construction materials and paints, oiled wood surfaces and solid wood furniture. Our ancient timber-framed house is painted a yellow clay colour. The same applies to the modern annex we built onto the house to have space for the kitchen, dining room, living room and seminar room. The bright rooms are furnished with natural materials. All rooms have telephones and washrooms with shower or bath, and TV available on request. Some of the rooms have terraces. You put your head to rest on natural pillows filled with spelt husks and millet and feel very comfortable and warm under the soft woollen blankets. There are special rooms for people suffering from allergies and for the handicapped. Relax in the pleasant atmosphere of the conservatory, the tea kitchen or the fireside room. There is a lot of space in our house to play, talk, and live.

Savour Our Delicacies. Choose from the varied, delicious and healthy buffet. All the dishes are prepared with organically grown or produced ingredients (consideration will be given those with special needs). On your breakfast buffet you will find fresh wholegrain cereal, muesli, and bread and rolls made by the local organic baker. Barbara's mother, Inge Feller, collects wild berries in the forest to prepare our scrumptious jams. There is also a variety of sausages, cheeses and spreads. On the luncheon buffet you will find soup, salads, breads and spreads. In the evening we start with salads and vegetable sticks, followed by a starter and a delicious main course. Of course there is always a treat to conclude the meal. Wholefood crossover - a cuisine with an international flavour! Some of our meals contain meat or fish; however, if you are a vegetarian, just let us know so that we can prepare dishes to your liking. If you appreciate the way we cook, you might even be interested in our cooking courses.

The Perfect Combination of Being Pampered and Feeling Independent. We not only pamper you with delicious wholefood meals. We would like you to feel at home. So any time you feel like, you can prepare your own tea or coffee in our tea kitchen. There are many places in our house where you can just take your tea or coffee to wherever you would like to relax.

As Colourful as Life - Programme of Children's Activities. From Easter until the end of October children can enjoy the "Fascinating Forest" programme. During the school holidays children between three and twelve years of age spend an adventurous twenty hours per week in the forests. They are looked after by Henning Riedl. They will get to know animal footprints, explore caves and climb trees. Parents, unfortunately, will have to do without their children during this time. Outside the school holidays there is a programme for smaller children (toddler to pre-school) for three hours, three times per week. Henning will also be looking after these children while they might be racing after that snail!
At home awaiting you are a large sandpit, swings, a football goal, a playground, table tennis, two playrooms (one for the smaller children and one for the older ones with a football table, a corner with mattresses, a reading area, tables and chairs.)

Relaxation and Tranquillity. In our Spa Parlour "Die Gute Stube" you will become aware of all your senses. There is a choice of pampering beauty treatments with organic products such as a banana and avocado facial mask. It looks and smells so good you might be tempted to eat it! Our experienced therapists are familiar with a vast variety of techniques such as massages, bio-energetic and individual full-body relaxation therapy, foot reflex zone and sound bowl massage, Shiatsu and Craniosacral therapy. How about a nap in your cosy room after your treatment?

Hiking is one of Kenny Kenner's passions……. Every Tuesday you can join Kenny on his hike through the fields and forests: Listen to the history of the imperial hunting forest, see the remains of medieval settlements, nature phenomenon, the daylily path, the Löwe forest with its self-regulating mixed woodland plan. There is so much to be seen – with a guide or on your own.

Swimming Pool and Sauna. Our neighbours are the lucky owners of a nice swimming pool, a sauna and a small relaxation room. The use of this can be booked with your reservation.

Conferences and Seminars: Our beautiful and quiet conference and seminar room offers plenty of space for your conference, musical event or seminar. Just let us know whether you need mats, tables and chairs, seat pads so that we can meet your needs.

What Else is There to Be Seen and Experienced in our Area? Take your pick! There are twelve small musems such as the archaeological centre, a bronze age "hands-on" museum in Hitzacker and the old tollhouse (Zollhaus) with exhibitions about the Elbe and its region. Then there is Dr. Erich Bäuerle with his hands-on water physics. The forest museum is just round the corner. There is also the garden with ancient erratic blocks that came to us in the ice age. All this is to be found in this sparsely populated county with its small villages, some of them "round-commons" villages, i.e. with the houses arranged in a circle. There is also an abundance of small craft enterprises, many artists and a selection of concerts, theatre and cabaret performances.

Our Hotel is a No-Smoking House

DE-006-Öko-Kontrollstelle (organic board of control)