Kenners LandLust Organic Hotel & Guesthouse
GERMANAbout us

We would like to introduce you to Kenners LandLust in order to awaken your interest in our project. You may even decide to visit us. We would love to show you around and accommodate you, of course, for a tester or a longer stay.

The organic hotel Kenners LandLust in Dübbekold was opened in 2000 by Barbara and Kenny Kenner.
Our regional roots are here since we both grew up in Wendland. Our political roots are anchored in the anti-nuclear power movement, the original spark having been the local Gorleben nuclear power station which led us to participate in various political activities. After having been part of many protest campaigns, it became our fervent wish to be involved in an alternative social programme. As a result we became part of various projects and communes. It was a time when we learnt a lot which we wouldn't have wanted to miss. During this period we got to know and appreciate organic agriculture which is of great help to us in our present situation. We – Barbara and Kenny Kenner – love living here in the country with our daughter Luise and Barbara's mother, Ingeborg Feller. We are offering you a home that is somewhat different. It combines pampering of our guests and leaving them free.
We were lucky to find this historic timber-framed house where heath farmers used to live. It combines the traditional timber-frame architecture with a modern low energy extension. It is our wish to offer a complete ecological atmosphere for you to use and enjoy. You can also learn about our ecological orientation. We will gladly answer your questions about construction techniques, furnishings, colours, origin and production of our organic food. One aspect that we consider important is the integration of art in everyday life. Again and again we are enthusiastic about a picture or a thought transformed into a poem. This is why you will find temporary exhibitions in the common rooms and sometimes also in the guest rooms.